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A not for profit Case study

Feb 22, 2022

A not-for-profit organisation had used the same senior bookkeeper for over 20 years. He became an integral part of the organisation. He was completely responsible for paying all the wages and suppliers and did his duty efficiently through MYOB on his trusty desktop computer.

Then one day the President of the Not for profit resigned and the Bookkeepers boss was promoted from Treasurer to President leaving his position vacant which was filled with a smart upcoming young gun Accountant.

The young Accountant keen to impress and modernise systems immediately installed a cloud version of MYOB which obviously ruffled the feathers of the Senior bookkeeper who had done his job so perfectly for 20 years, many thought he was irreplaceable. During his 20-year tenure not only were the wages always paid on time, but the credit rating of the company was impeccable, and they were regarded as a reliable debtor to all of their suppliers.

Not wanting to change and report to the young Accountant who was 30 years his junior, the Senior Bookkeeper resigned which sent shockwaves and fear through the organisation. How could someone so meticulous and respected ever be replaced without major teething problems?

This did not seem a problem for the young accountant though. So, without missing a beat the young Accountant engaged a person in India for half the price to take over the role. The MYOB by then had already been switched to the cloud and thus the transition went smoothly, and the staff were paid on their usual payday. The new bookkeeper does all the accounting and bookkeeping work including lodgement of BAS, payroll, payment of suppliers, updating the accounts for the main company and the DGR fund, deductible gift recipient, sending out invoices including the annual membership run to about 1,000 members and preparing reports for the board and the auditor. This with only nominal supervision for the new more mature Treasurer that replaced the young gun.

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