What level of staff can you find us?

Whatever level you require.

Are they available now?

Depends on the type of person you require.

Do they have experience in Australian tax and business practice?

We provide them with a two week introductory course.

Are there any human resources issues?

We provide human beings that work exactly like any in Australia. This includes the good and the bad parts of human behavior.

What is the cost?

Including overheads the cost is about half that of staff in Australia including overheads.

Is there a recruitment fee?

No, this is built into the monhtly fee.

Is there a performance Guarantee?

Like an prospective employee you are able to interview them after they have been interviewed by our HR manager for recommendation to you.

How do I terminate the arrangement?

You have to give one month’s notice.

What are the downsides?

You are engaging a human being not a cyborg. There is generally no difference between our team members and any others in Australia.

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